My name is Javi, I am 22 years old and I spent some time thinking about taking a long trip (possibly Southeast Asia). To this day I have no partner to do so. I have seen that you have made trips of this type but I do not know if you did it alone, with friends or with your partner.

It would be the first time that I travel alone and it is what scares me of this trip. At the same time a part of me tells me that it can be a totally extraordinary experience, but I do not know if it is too crazy to go several months alone, if it is easy to make friends in places to share the trip, etc.

I would like you to give me some advice or any kind of useful information.

If you feel like traveling independently in Asia or elsewhere on the planet and those around you look like a weirdo, do not give up. Traveling alone has its drawbacks, but without a doubt, it will give you an incredible sense of freedom that you would never get in company.

A trip in pairs or with friends generally focuses the mission of the trip in an adventure journey where the protagonist is not the place and its people in itself but rather the evolution of that relationship during the period traveled and shared experiences. Of course, everything depends somewhat open and curious character of the person but a relationship of 24 hours in the company subjects the traveler selfishness to the needs of your partner / a. That may work wonderfully and sometimes not.

Instead, when you go alone you are with your senses on alert, you try to find information under the stones and you get many more friends than traveling in company.

I have done a few solo trips with my backpack on my back and generally you get better memories of the place than other places where I traveled in company. You deepen much more in the place and known people, remember almost all the towns and places where you lived, you create ties of friendship with other travelers much stronger than traveling accompanied. Between friends or as a couple you tend to draw up a specific plan and it is more difficult to let improvisation take over your guiding path. Traveling alone you will see how the days happen and the road map you forget it in some hostel and you are dedicated to change the course as you want and time allows you.

If you travel in Southeast Asia you have it even easier. Tourism is strongly based in the region and it is extremely easy to inform and travel around. You will find a lot of young people in your situation and it will not cost you anything to make new friends with whom to share experiences without ties and to learn English.


Being the one who takes the guide, the map, the desire and the time is a precious gift that brings security and an abundance beyond the ordinary. I recommend an experience like this to anyone who has doubts of embarking on a solo trip and ends up not doing so because of the well-known fears that Javi comments.

If you still have doubts, I recommend that you leave stories; Fill your backpack, pin your arm with the relevant vaccines and take a ticket. You will see how the weight you carry on right now disappears once you have stepped on your new destiny. The weight of the uncertainty will become the desire to meet people and the world and very possibly it will change the perspective of life, who knows.